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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Beep4Alumni available to schools

August, 2020

GraduateFollowing up on the exciting launch of a sister product to School-links, Beep4Business are now in the position to be able to offer Beep4Alumni to schools, universities, and colleges for koha donations.

Beep4Alumni will allow schools to easily and effectively connect with past students. You can use Beep4Alumni to:

  • Send regular newsletters
  • Promote events and fundraisers
  • Establish group communications for sports codes, international students
  • Easily send notices, reminders, postponements & cancellations

Just like School-links it offers the following features:

  • Online communication portal and app
  • Branding for your school, university or college alumni
  • Seamless multi-channel communication – email, text and app 2-way messaging
  • The option to target specific groups

Best of all, send us your spreadsheet of contacts and we will set it all up for you!

The ‘Koha’ Option: set your own monthly Hosting & Licence Fee for the software and support in the form of a ‘Koha’ (donation/gift). Note: you will have to pay for any text messages sent though your portal, charged at 12c per text.

Learn more at Beep4Alumni or contact us direct.

School-links develop cutting edge comms platform – available to community groups for koha donations

August, 2020

App, text and email tool ‘Beep4Business’ now available to the arts, sports, churches and not-for-profits

Andrew Balfour, CEO and founder of School-links, is offering his new multichannel communication platform ‘Beep4Business’ for koha donations to support the community sector as it battles with the ongoing impact of Covid19. Workers and volunteers have spent hours during the Covid19 situation communicating news and updates to their clients, members and congregations, often unsure as to whether the messages were getting through. Now the Beep4Business app, text and email messaging service is available for koha donations to support not-for-profits and community groups to ensure that they can maintain contact with their clientele going forward.

Living through the devastating Christchurch earthquake, Balfour had experienced first-hand how important no-fail methods of communication are in a crisis. School-links, his communication solution for schools, became a leading communication platform in the New Zealand education sector, and his team have become a recognised authority in the field of Emergency Response and Attendance Management.

Beep4Business, the sister platform to School-links, was due for release just prior to the Covid19 pandemic, “During the lockdown the mantra ‘stay safe, be kind’ really struck a chord with our organisation. We have always been about helping people stay safe, and we feel in these difficult times that we have an opportunity to support all those agencies who support all of us.” Andrew has subsequently launched Beep4Business with a ‘koha’ option for charities, not-for-profits, churches, social enterprises, clubs, and associations.

Andrew’s Beep4Business software allows organisations to easily push out 2-way messages to members, or targeted groups, via a free Beep app, or personalised emails or texts, “We just ask that the church or charity, or whoever, contact us and we will do whatever we can to help.”

Learn more

Transforming school-to-home communication

August, 2020

Hamilton Girls’ High School share how they raised their game using data-synchronisation between KAMAR and School-links

Long-time users of School-links Early Notification system, Hamilton Girls’ High School (HGHS) recently shifted to using School-links messaging functionality. Taking advantage of the seamless daily data synchronisation between KAMAR and School-links, HGHS now use School-links for all mass communication to parents and students. Craig Scrimgeour, Deputy Principal, shares his experiences.

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