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School-links has been providing online communication tools for the New Zealand education sector since 2006, delivering thousands of newsletters and notices to their parents each month. We’re launching a new initiative that will provide businesses and organisations with the opportunity to promote your goods & services to the schools’ community.

Engaged audience

Up to 60% open rate. Where else do you get that?

Implied endorsement

Delivered by a trusted source – the local school.

Accurate database

No sweat access to an up-to-date contact list.

Community investment

Shows you care by financially supporting your local schools.

Constant exposure

High frequency visibility of logo to build brand awareness.

No hidden costs



1. Apply to advertise online.

School-links will then seek approval from participating schools for your advertisements to be included in their email newsletters and notices.


2. Design

School-links will contact you directly to confirm design, layout and copy. Your logo and ad will be inserted directly into the template that the school uses for newsletters and notices.


3. Pay monthly

You will be billed directly each month at a fixed price contract. The school will then receive a percentage of the revenue created for fundraising.

What will the ads look like?

Here are some examples of ads that are currently running for some of our School-links Fundraising clients.

Apply to advertise with School-links

You will most likely have received this link directly from the school. If not, please contact the school to ensure that they are a “School-links” school. This is a form for businesses to apply to advertise in a school email newsletter. The school will need to be using School-links to email out their newsletters. Read more about the School-links newsletter service »