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Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health

Have your say on the Health and Disability Services Standard. The new Standard combines and incorporates four existing Standards: the Health and Disability Services Standard, the Fertility Services Standard, the Home and Community Support Sector Standard and the Interim-Standards for Abortion in New Zealand.

This revised Standard reflects the shift towards more person- and whānau-centred health and disability services. People are empowered to make decisions about their own care and support in order to achieve their goals, with a stronger focus on outcomes for people receiving support.

The revised standard also changes the framework to separate high-level overarching criteria that apply to all services from service-specific guidance on how the criteria may be met across the various health and disability service settings. This will allow the Ministry of Health to update the service-specific guidance more frequently as models of care change.

To make a submission or to find out more, visit the Standards New Zealand website – DZ 8134:2020 (Committee P8134 Health and disability services).

Submissions close 13 January 2021.