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Two cases who completed their managed isolation in the same facility and at the same time as the Northland case are now confirmed COVID-19 infections.

The two former returnees were initially classified as under investigation after returning positive tests and pending further investigation to determine if the infections were recent or historical. They returned a second positive test with a higher CT value which led to them being treated as confirmed cases.

A third person in the family’s bubble has tested negative. The two family members who tested positive are in the process of being moved to Auckland’s quarantine facility.

The two positive cases completed quarantine on 15 January and have been residing in North Auckland since.

The Ministry of Health website has a list of exposure events which include a location, date and time.

People who have visited those locations during the time period, and as ever, anyone in Auckland with symptoms, are asked to:

  • isolate and call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 to arrange a test, and
  • remain isolated until they receive their result.

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