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School-links complements KAMAR

May, 2016

School-links integrates with KAMAR

In the lead up to the KAMAR conference on 26-27 May 2016, we are putting the spotlight on the School-links integration API facility with KAMAR.

School-links KAMAR API provides seamless integration with your SMS and allows you to send and receive texts directly from KAMAR.

Attendance management

  • Notify parents immediately at the click of a button that a student is absent.
  • Find out your cost savings of using School-links EN using our cost savings calculator. Click here.
  • Plus the additional School-links EN ‘Student Search’ feature, allowing school management to view all the communications sent to parents in relation to their students absentees (extremely useful for Principals and Deputy Principals as supporting evidence in their family conferences around any attendance issues).

Community engagement

Open up a whole world of other options to engage with your parents and caregivers. School-links allows KAMAR schools to send texts for cancellations, school events, reminders or emergencies directly from within KAMAR in the Groups, Markbook, Fees or External Programs areas.

1.    Identify students

Within KAMAR use the familiar ‘Find’ screen to identify a student or group of students that you want to text and select the parent or caregivers contact details, be it an absence notification or a congratulations on an achievement!

2.    Type your text message

Type your text message, provide an email reply address where the parent or caregivers text responses will be sent, confirm you are happy with the message and click ‘Send.’

3.    Sit back and enjoy

Sit back and enjoy the increased engagement with your community or be safe in the knowledge that parents and caregivers are aware of absences or emergencies. Text replies will all be sent to the email that you provided for you to check at your convenience.

KAMAR Conference 2016

The School-links team are looking forward to attending the 2016 KAMAR conference in Auckland next week. We love meeting new people in the industry and having discussions about getting the most out of the KAMAR system. We invite you to come and introduce yourself at our stand.

To learn more about how School-links can complement your KAMAR system, click here.

[WEBINAR] Capitalise on your KAMAR SMS

March, 2016


Capitalise on your KAMAR SMS: How to better engage parents using Early Notification

Save time and make engaging with parents easier by learning new KAMAR system operations.

Date: Wednesday, 30 March 2016
Time: 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Presenter: Keith Mockett, School-links

Topics covered will include:
• setting up the recipients in the database
• the Absence Manager screen
• managing the Early Notification process in Absence Manager
• ideas around effective use of Early Notification
• a quick look at tools that School-links provides to assist Attendance Officers


Keith Mockett, our technical advisor for School-links, has designed this webinar to give participants some tips on how to effectively and confidently use Early Notification in KAMAR. It will cover setting up the database to ensure the right people are receiving the message, and some of the traps when using Absence Manager to send out messages and process replies.

Keith has been with School-links for five years providing technical support and training to customers. He has completed hundreds of training sessions for Early Notification in all of the Student Management Systems, including KAMAR. He has also presented at a KAMAR conference on how to use Early Notification.

Please register your interest for the webinar here.

Contact the School-links team if you have any questions regarding the webinar.

AdmINNOVATION at SEO Conference 2015

July, 2015

During the Term 2 school holidays, School Executive Officers congregated at Hamilton to reflect on the topic of innovation in administration (or ‘adminnovation’).

The theme of the conference centred around breaking free of current administration mind-sets and being open to new, smarter and more efficient ways of delivering quality education.

As part of his commitment to promoting easy, reliable school communication, Andrew Balfour, Managing Director of School-links, shared his insights with attendees. “Our breakout session on ‘Engaging with Parents’ was very well received, especially with the pending release of our new data app, Beep,” says Andrew.

SEO Conference Presentation

Andrew Balfour presenting on ‘Engaging with Parents’, SEO Conference 2015.

Beep is the new smartphone app developed by School-links that streamlines communication between school and home. Caregivers can send in absence notes and the school can send out emergency alerts, cancellations, news and any other messages simply and cost-effectively. Learn more about Beep here.

Andrew and Robyn (2)

Robyn and Andrew Balfour at the School-links stand, SEO Conference 2015.

“It was great to catch up with all our customers and new schools at the SEO Conference. We are always made to feel very welcome by the delegates and look forward to working with the many new associations that we made,” says Andrew.