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Emergency Alerts Package

Peace of mind for school boards and principals - communicate with caregivers, teachers and students in an emergency for only $49 a month

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Health & Safety Act 2015

Schools need to be able to quickly and easily contact caregivers in the event of an emergency. From weather event, to lockdown or natural disaster, schools have a responsibility to ensure that parents are kept informed of the situation direct from the horse’s mouth, rather than via news or social media.

School-links ‘Emergency Alerts’ service ticks the Health & Safety due diligence box.

Communications via text

We know our stuff. Communicating via App, whilst fantastic for news and announcements, is not the answer for Emergency Alerts. Immediacy and dependability are critical and can only truly be achieved by text. Parents can fail to download the App or forget to turn on Push Notifications rendering an App unreliable.

Provides delivery reports

The School-links system also instantly creates a delivery report to identify caregivers who have not received the alert and may need to be contacted by other means.

Sends remotely via app or web platform

School-links Emergency Alert service can be accessed on any PC and on any Smart Device. Crucially, in the event of an incident whilst on a school trip, or where a situation requires a school evacuation, a school leader can send a text and check delivery reports via an iOS or Android app from any smart device.

What our customers say about School-links

School-links is the leading communications tool in the education sector in New Zealand, delivering hundreds ofthousands of important messages every month across New Zealand. Here’s what primary, secondary and early childhood clients have to say about the features, the benefits and the service offered by School-links.


“I sat down on a Saturday morning and sent out one bulk text to all the parents I wanted to see and within a few minutes I had 10 parents who had replied to me.”

Doug Ewing, Deputy Principal
Wanganui City College


“We had a really big earthquake... I put a message out straight away to say everyone was safe and I am inundated with replies from parents to say how they so much appreciated it.”

Viv Mills, Principal's Secretary
Halswell School


“Parent-Teacher evenings are a joy to organise. The parents LOVE being able to book their own appointments online.”

Kate Fuller, Director e-Learning
Birkenhead College