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Seamless integration

School-links integrates seamlessly with your Student Management System’s electronic attendance system so you can deliver multiple text and email alerts to parents of absent children in one go with a couple of clicks.

School-links has been a Ministry of Education approved Early Notification (EN) provider since 2006.

Receive immediate feedback

Parents can reply immediately to explain the absence, direct from their mobile phones or email. Their replies come straight back into your SMS ready to tick off.

Highlights attendance issues

A unique School-links attendance reporting tool provides senior management with supporting communication data around truancy and attendance issues. This data can then be accessed online by an Attendance Officer offsite.

Saves you time and money

Reduced telecommunication costs and more efficient use of office staff time.

Fully supported

School-links staff have over 15 years of experience and know their SMS’s inside out! They offer education-sector specific training plus a tollfree 0800 support line.

Check out our Cost Saving Calculator

Just enter your school’s roll size and see how much School links Early Notification System could be saving your school.

Megan Chrisholm
Newlands School - Early Notifications

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