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What does it do?

Send out texts and emails


School-links integrates with your SMS's electronic attendance system. Instead of hours on the phone, you can notify parents of absent children in one go with a couple of clicks.

Receive Immediate Feedback


Parents can reply immediately to explain the absence, direct from their mobile phones. Their replies come straight back into your SMS ready to tick off.

Done and Dusted


Relax. School-links has taken the hard work out of attendance management. Parents notified, absences explained, kids safe: job done.

Why do you need School-links?

Saves you time & money

Reduced telecommunications costs and more efficient use of office staff time.


School-links Early Notification service is Ministry of Education approved.

Not "yet another system"

It integrates with the most popular SMSs, like Musac, edge, KAMAR, Assembly, eTap and P.C. Schools.

Personalisation options

You can set and edit outgoing message wording.

Highlights attendance issues

A truancy reporting tool can throw up absences for individual students over time. This can be accessed by an Attendance Officer offsite.

Fully supported

School-links staff know their SMS’s inside out! They offer education-sector specific training plus a toll-free 0800 support line.


Check out our new Cost Saving Calculator

Just enter your school's roll size and see how much School links Early Notification System could be saving your school.


Simple to Use

Screenshot from School-links browser-based software: an Early Notification batch of parent responses ready for import into the SMS


Why does your community need School-links?

Student safety

Parents and caregivers are speedily notified of a child’s absence.


Parents and caregivers can respond quickly and cost effectively and if at work unobtrusively.


It is less embarrassing for them to respond to a text than a phone call if they had forgotten to notify the school of their child’s absence or the reason for the child’s absence is personal.


Feedback from our customers says that texts are the preferred method of school communication for most parents and caregivers.

"The biggest advantage is time, pure and simple. It saves administrative staff up to an hour and a half a day potentially. Instead of trying to get hold of 30 parents or so by phone, we press send. And heaven forbid if anything did happen to a student on the way to school, the parent is aware within a much shorter time frame. Our SMS is The Edge and School-links integrates smoothly so no additional headaches there either."

Jenny Pearson
Office Manager, Mount Maunganui Intermediate

"The big advantage for us of School-links Early Notification is that it has made parents more aware of the issues. This has had a positive impact on attendance and there is a feeling of appreciation among the community. We use School-links with the Kamar API meaning that our District Attendance Officer has access to the data. We can also pull individual student attendance histories for the Police Youth Aid Officer. School-links means all parties are better informed and attendance issues can be tackled head-on."

Phil Snow
Attendance Officer, Mount Maunganui College

"The number one benefit to using School-links is the immediacy and the convenience of contacting parents for attendance matters. Rather than calling parents when a child is absent, secretarial staff send a text to parents about the issues. Email is a bit beyond where our parents are at as they’re mostly connected to texting on their cell phones – so texting is the most effective way to get a hold of them"

Deputy Principal Doug Ewing
Wanganui City College

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