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What does it do?

Download the free beep app

beep-1Ask all parents and students with smartphones to download the free Beep app and allow push notifications.

Use School-links as normal

text-emailsSend your emergency alerts, cancellations, news, and manage unreported absences in a matter of clicks as normal. Users with Beep will automatically receive smartphone notifications instead of SMS texts.

Sit back and relax

done-dustedWatch responses come in, your phone bills reduce, and your to-do list disappear. Parents can sit back too, happy in the knowledge that they're well informed thanks to Beep.

Why do you need beep?

Saves money

Beep notifications use the internet instead of the phone network, and unlike text messages each Beep is free to send. Beep users receive mobile device push notifications using a minimal amount of data.

Saves time

Use the same seamless platform for everything you need to communicate. Parents and students who don't have smartphones or the Beep app will still be contacted via text message or email instead.

An app for your school

Each school gets their own portal within the Beep app, complete with school branding, colours, and logo. It's just like having an app for your school, without the expense.

Simple to Use

Why does your community need School-links & Beep?

Over half NZ's phones are smart

Parents, students, and teachers like our communications to be smart too. Beep gives your community a great tool to use for their school communications.


Beep works across multiple organisations, other schools, and ECE centres. Parents, students, and teachers only need to download one app instead of many, making life easier.


Paper maybe prehistoric, email may be dead but smartphones are not! Get those reminders straight into the hands of your intermediate and secondary students.

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Upholding a Child's Education: The Three-Legged Stool Effect

Parents have an important role to play in the school community, but are often faced with obstacles to be involved. Check out the white paper for strategies to overcome these barriers.

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