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edge partners with School-links

Edge has partnered with School-links to bring you the latest in communication tools.

Your edge data is now automatically synced and integrated into the School-links communication system which includes an Emergency Alert System with an App, Group Messaging, Attendance Management (Early Notification) and Online Newsletters.

Emergency Alert System

A must have App for school management and Senior Leadership teams designed specifically for administrators and senior leadership to use, knowing that they have access to the most current contact data. It’s easy to use, proven, fast and reliable and allows remote messaging from their smartphones. Give parents and caregivers, staff, students and even staff’s next of kin, peace of mind knowing there are emergency communications in place for school closures, cancellations, urgent messages, lockdowns and emergencies.

Group Messaging

All groups, year groups and classes are data-synced into the School-links platform enabling text and email messages or a combination of both to an individual or a filtered group (Parents of a year level or sports team) for anything e.g. cancellations or event reminders (school camps).

Receive replies and maintain a full audit of all school communications. Assign senders to groups other than school staff e.g. Kapa Haka instructor or a parent coach.

Attendance Management - Early Notification (EN)

Save your staff countless hours on the phone chasing up unexplained absences. Working seamlessly with edge, you can notify parents and caregivers via text message of a student’s unexplained absence. Parent’s replies are then read in edge. The communication archive provides an audit of all attendance communications which can be accessed to support meetings with parents and caregivers around attendance issues.

Newsletters and Notices

School-links delivers newsletters and notices directly into your parents and caregivers inboxes saving you time and paper. Create professional looking HTML newsletters with attachments and dynamic links customised with your schools’ colours, logo and branding. Plus, you can select hand-picked advertisers that will create an ongoing fundraising income stream for your school.

Beep Mobile App

Use Beep to improve engagement with your parents and caregivers, students and staff, and at the same time reduce your communication costs. Share notices and newsletters, message sports teams, clubs, departments and classes and receive parent and caregiver’s absence notes. Recipients can receive data-push, text, and email messages from multiple schools on the single Beep App.

Meagan Chisholm
Newlands School - Data sync with edge

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