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Emergency Alerts

Lockdown, flooding, earthquake, fire, tornado?

Use School-links to contact staff, family and students in minutes from any computer or smart device. Leaving you free to move on through your emergency procedures.

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What does it do?

Notify Parents by App or Text Message

Need to close the school? No problem. Simply enter your message, choose to send to students, caregivers, or staff and your message is away.

Ensure everyone got the message

Real-time delivery reports show you who didn't get the message so that you can contact them by other means - perhaps email or phone.

Under Control

Relax. Now you can focus on keeping everyone safe without fielding hundreds of calls from concerned parents.

Why do you need School-links?

Saves you time in an emergency

Potentially with lives at stake, School-links allows you to send the message to staff, students and families and then swiftly move on to the next thing on your list.

Accessible from anywhere

Can’t enter the building or has a power cut taken out the wi-fi? School-links is app and browser-based so you can use your tablet or phone. Even if all you have is a standard telephone, give us a call and we'll broadcast your message for you.

“No child left behind!”

Delivery reports confirm that a parent has received the communication leaving you with a list of those caregivers you will need to contact by other means.

Access School-links via app on your Apple/Android device

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Simple to Use

Access the website from any internet-enabled device, choose your groups, type your message and send.

Why does your community need School-links?

Peace of Mind

Just one reason: student and staff safety. Parents and caregivers know that emergency procedures are in place. Staff and their families know that your school is a responsible workplace.

"Just wanted you to know how great School-links is. We had a really big earthquake before. I put a message out straight away to say everyone was safe and I am inundated with replies from parents to say how they so much appreciated it."

Viv Mills
Principal's Secretary at Halswell School

"Within 10 minutes of the tornado passing through our area we were able to reassure parents. Many parents told us that as they were hearing and seeing reports of the devastation and damage and phone lines were jammed, a simple reassuring email and text to let them know all our children were safe was invaluable."

Maree Bathurst
Principal at Albany Primary School

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Kia Kaha! Staying in control and effectively responding to emergencies at school

Read about some of the lessons we learnt from recent events in New Zealand such as the Christchurch and Seddon earthquakes. Also learn about some tools and techniques that you can implement to stay prepared for such unforseen circumstances in your school or early childhood centre.

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