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What does it do?

Broadcast the Details


Enter details about your event, such as the date and time, and send out a message by text and email to the relevant groups at your school.

Collect RSVPs


Recipients can RSVP via text message, or by using School-links' online interface. It's simple, easy and tells you who is coming.

Full House


You can rest easy knowing the hard work is done. All that's left now is to sit back and enjoy the show.

Why do you need School-links?

Saves you time & money

Reduced telecommunications costs and more efficient use of office staff time.

Ensures you reach the right people

Rather than send every event to all the community, target your messages to different groups.

Includes the information YOU want

Link to or attach posters or forms

Monitors event numbers

RSVP data is collated online so you can make informed decisions about changing the venue size, adding extra dates or asking for more volunteers!

Easily informs attendees of any changes

And if do decide to move the venue, or you need to cancel or postpone, contact everyone immediately with one click.

Simple to Use

Entering an event prior to sending it out – just a matter of completing a simple form


Why does your community need School-links?

Avoid message overload

Nothing will turn the community off more than irrelevant information. Ensure parents and caregivers only receive what is of interest to their family.

Increase participation

Parents who want whānau to attend their son or daughter’s big night can simply forward the message. Watch audience numbers grow (and fundraising!)

Time is precious

We all exist in an ever busier world. Feel the appreciation of your community when you give them as much notice as you can that the school swimming gala has to be re-scheduled or the end of term Mass has moved!

"The process of contacting all parents and caregivers at short notice to advise about Parent Voice meetings, union meetings, parent-teacher interviews, school-wide health issues and a range of other situations has been greatly streamlined and office staff workload lessened. The use of School-links to contact targeted sports and cultural groups with information specific to their members is also on the increase. School-links software supports Freyberg High School in its goal to be innovative, caring and excellent as it strives to be the best secondary school for all of its students."

Bernard Harris
Senior Manager at Freyberg High School

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