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What does it do?

Identify students


Within KAMAR use the familiar 'Find' screen to identify a student or group of students that you want to text and select the parent or caregivers contact details, be it an absence notification or a congratulations on an achievement!

Type your text message


Type your text message, provide an email reply address where the parent or caregivers text responses will be sent, confirm you are happy with the message and click 'Send.'

Sit back and enjoy


Sit back and enjoy the increased engagement with your community or be safe in the knowledge that parents and caregivers are aware of absences or emergencies. Text replies will all be sent to the email that you provided for you to check at your convenience.

Why do you need School-links?

Avoids double-handling

School-links allows KAMAR schools to send texts for cancellations, school events, reminders or emergencies directly from within KAMAR in the Groups, Markbook, Fees or External Programs areas.

Reduces staff training

Administrators and attendance officers, even your sports and drama teachers can work in a platform that they know.

Community engagement

Opens up a whole world of other options to engage with your parents and caregivers.

Simple to Use

Simply type your text message in the interface you and your staff are familiar with - KAMAR


"The big advantage for us of School-links Early Notification is that it has made parents more aware of the issues. This has had a positive impact on attendance and there is a feeling of appreciation among the community. We use School-links with the KAMAR API meaning that our District Attendance Officer has access to the data. We can also pull individual student attendance histories for the Police Youth Aid Officer. School-links means all parties are better informed and attendance issues can be tackled head-on."

Phil Snow
Attendance Officer, Mount Maunganui College

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