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What does it do?

Throw Away the Photocopier


Say no to paper jams and empty toner. Say yes to saving time and money. Upload your newsletter or write it online and hit broadcast.

Get Past the Spam Folders


Over 75% of email is spam - don't get caught out. We constantly tune School-links to ensure messages deliver to inboxes, not spam folders.

No More Bag Hunts


Parents get the news straight away. It's not left in a desk, or found weeks later crumpled at the bottom of a bag.

Why do you need School-links?

Saves you time & money

Reduces papers costs and offers a more efficient use of office staff time: two clicks to broadcast to the entire school and community.

Ensures you reach your parents and caregivers

Robust email architecture with constant monitoring of spam reputation means that emails don’t end up in the junk mail folder!

Savvy marketing tool

Online portal for reading news includes school logo and motto.

New newsletter templates for schools provide

  • A professional look and feel
  • Pre-formatting for portable devices and cell phones
  • An array of colour options to reflect your school branding

Why does your community need School-links?

Meets community expectations

As technology advances parents and caregivers are demanding to be kept informed. Meet their needs with regular newsletters and notices.

Encourages participation

The community cannot get involved if they don’t know what is happening. Watch levels of support (and fund raising!) grow as newsletters and notices hit home.


Parents who want or need whānau to know what is happening can simply forward the message…and granny will see she needs to provide home baking at school drop-off on Friday!

"We are able to email out our school newsletter now to over 350 families - instead of printing these four pages each week - saving us money in paper and copying costs, and providing a much more reliable method of communication than children's bags usually afford."

Sandy Hastings
Principal at Beckenham School

"Once parents dredged through the bottom of a school bag for the weekly newsletter but now our Friday update notifies them of the week’s upcoming events and any relevant notices straight into their inbox. They can then click on the relevant links or school website for further information. We have found the dual benefits of not only cost saving on paper but also knowing we are supporting our schools commitment to sustainable practices extremely positive"

Maree Bathurst
Principal at Albany Primary School

"Kiwi Kids Preschool has been using School-links for over a year now, and it is fantastic. Being able to send colourful, exciting newsletters and messages to our parents without the printing cost has been very valuable. By emailing newsletters and messages we are reassured that all parents have up to date information. We highly recommend School-links to any preschool wanting a cost effective and practical way of communicating with parents."

Desley Eastwick
Centre Manager at Kiwi Kids Preschool

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