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Visit the Parent Interviews booking site. Once there enter the code supplied by your school.

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What does it do?

Set up a Timetable


It's easy to set up a timetable. Just pick your date, times, teachers, and how long each interview will be. Then send out a message to parents.

Watch the Bookings Arrive


Now we wait. Your parents will be delighted that they can book all their interviews at times that suit them. No more chasing paper slips.

Enjoy the Evening


When it's time to go interviewing, just print out your booking timetable from School-links and pour yourself a cup of coffee.

Why do you need School links?

Saves time & money

Reduced papers costs and more efficient use of administrative and teaching staff time.


Choose the interview duration that you want, enable optional teacher control of booking and break times, personalise the online booking system with school logo, colours and motto and import data such as teachers, parents and parent contact details.

Access anytime, anywhere

If enabled teaching staff can log on from any internet connected device to view their timetable, contact parents, block out times that they can’t attend and book interviews on behalf of parents.

No more lost parents!

The system links interviews to rooms and when combined with the maps feature means parents know exactly where to go.

Simple to Use

Screenshot from the Parent Interviews browser-based software showing how you can easily set up your interview options


And here is the Parent/Caregiver timetable ready to be printed, downloaded or saved direct to their calendar


Why does your community need School-links?


Parents and caregivers can book interview slots on any internet-connected device. Watch attendance at parent-teacher interviews increase due to ease of use.


Parents and caregivers can easily change the times of their bookings as many times as they wish without feeling bad about repeatedly ringing the office lady!


Parents and caregivers receive email booking confirmations and notifications. Plus if they add their mobile number at time of booking they will receive text alerts too.

Personalisation and confidentiality

Parents can add comments on the confidential booking form ensuring that they get what they need from the interview, and the teacher can prepare the information in advance.

"It has ensured that Parent Teacher evenings are a joy to organise. The parents LOVE being able to book their own appointments online, rather than relying on their kids to run round with chewed-up bits of paper booking wildly inappropriate times for them. The evening itself runs very smoothly, with everyone literally ‘on the same page’."

Kate Fuller
Director e-Learning at Birkenhead College

"School-links Parent Teacher Interview booking system has enabled us to target and begin to track our rate of attendance at learning conferences, resulting in us achieving over 95% attendance in 2012."

Sandy Hastings
Principal at Beckenham School

Case Study: This school uses many School-links features including Parent-Teacher interviews

Our Lady Star of the Sea: Effortless education engagements every day

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