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Parent Interviews

Getting Started with Parent Interviews

If you’re setting Parent Interviews for your school, we have a handy guide with information on getting started.

The Getting Started guide takes you through logging in, creating and importing teachers, customising your Parent Interviews system, right through to starting and managing your first interview event.

Download the Getting Started Guide now (PDF).

Parent Interview Features


KAMAR Sync allows Parent Interviews to receive automatic daily updates from your school. Every time a teacher is added or changed in KAMAR, a teacher will automatically be created in Parent Interviews for them. Teachers in Parent Interviews can also be updated with their details from KAMAR, including their email address and KAMAR password.

Text Message Reminders

Schools can enable text message reminders for parents. Parents can enter their mobile phone number as they book interviews, and they’ll receive a reminder text message on the day of their interviews.

Multiple Events

Parent Interviews has no restrictions on the number of events running at one time, useful if your school splits parent teacher interviews by year group or junior/senior school students. Events can have as many dates as your school needs.


The booking website used by parents can be customized to show your school colours, reinforcing your school’s branding with parents.

Interview Comments

The ability for parents to add comments to interviews. These comments are shown on teacher timetables, and allow teachers to prepare before the interview by knowing in advance the topic of discussion “e.g John’s recent test results, how can we help him improve?”


For schools with a large campus, maps of your school can be uploaded and shown on parent timetables. When a parent brings their timetable along to their interviews, they can find their way to their interviews easily.

Teacher Accounts and Permissions

Teachers get their own password to log into Parent Interviews to view their timetable, contact parents, block out times they can’t attend, and book interviews on behalf of parents.All these features can be enabled or disabled by school administrators.

Administration Users

Multiple people can be set up as an administrator for your school account. Administrators can add new events, book interviews for parents and teachers, and customize the school account. Perfect for when the receptionist needs to be able to book interviews for parents over the phone.


Parent Interviews allows you to hold a parent teacher interview event in one location (such as the school hall) or have teachers in different rooms. When rooms are enabled, parents are shown on their timetable the classroom they need to go to. Combine this with our Maps feature, and parents will know exactly where to go.

Parent and Teacher Reminders

Before interviews start, Parent Interviews will email all parents and teachers a copy of their timetable to take to their interviews. This timetable contains the school’s details, information about their interviews, and where to go.

Event Statistics

During or after an event, you can find out detailed statistics about your parent teacher interviews, such as how many parents signed up, the most-booked teacher, the most popular subjects, and even the estimated number of students in your school who didn’t have interviews.

Assigning Certain Teachers with Events

With Parent Interviews, you can assign certain teachers to events. If you’re holding parent teacher interviews for the junior school, then you can assign only the junior school teachers to the event, preventing parents from booking the wrong teachers.

Interview Breaks

Teachers can have time slots “blocked out” to indicate they can’t attend interviews during that time. Blocked out time slots can’t be booked by parents.

Data Import/Export

When you set up your account, teachers can be imported all at once using our data import tools. Certain items can also be exported into a spreadsheet, such as interviews booked, teachers, or parents and their contact details.