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Case Studies

Our case studies will give you an insight into what communications issues some of our customers had before using School-links and what benefits they have seen since coming on board.


Lytton High School

Read how Lytton High School utilised the School-links emergency app when the power went out.

Download case study (1MB PDF)


Newlands School

Read how Newlands School communicated the facts to families during Wellington’s ‘wild week’ in November 2016.

Download case study (763KB PDF)


Northland School (Wellington)

Read how Northland School were able to easily inform families that the school was closed after the 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake.

Download case study (493KB PDF)


Otago Boys’ High School

Read how demand for more communication from parents drives a paradigm shift for one of New Zealand’s oldest boys’ secondary schools.

Download case study (231KB PDF)


Wanganui City College

Read how an integration between School-links and the KAMAR student management system has helped increase efficiency and enable fast, convenient communications between the school and its parents.

Download case study (251KB PDF)


Our Lady Star of the Sea School

Read how School-links has saved costs, reduced stress and increased efficiency for this Auckland school.

Download case study (263KB PDF)


Beckenham School

When a one-in-100 year flood struck Christchurch in early 2014, Beckenham School were prepared for the possibility of having to close. When the call came, they were able to let parents know quickly and efficiently, with the help of School-links.

Download case study (202KB PDF)