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Our webinars provide an in-depth and detailed look into some of the School-links features and connections that schools and early childhood centres use. They provide a deeper understanding of particular issues and ways in which you can use School-links to overcome them.

tn-webinar1Emergency Response Planning

Dec 2015

School-links share some of the lesser known challenges you will face when tackling an emergency and how best to respond from schools who have been faced with an emergency scenario.

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Transform your Attendance Management Systems

Feb 2016

Attendance Management in many schools is a laborious, time-consuming task that can be simply modernised using Early Notification. We share our knowledge on Early Notification and the experiences of partner schools.

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tn-webinar3Capitalise on your edge SMS: how to better engage parents using Early Notification

May 2016

We cover setting up the Early Notification Group to ensure the right people are receiving the message, data settings that impact on Caregiver communications, and managing their responses.

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