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White papers

Our white papers provide an in-depth analysis on particular issues that schools and early childhood centres face. They’re designed to help give a better understanding of the issue and provide ways to overcome them.

Upholding a Child’s Education: The Three-Legged Stool Effect

Parents have an important role to play in the school community, but are often faced with obstacles to be involved. Check out the white paper for strategies to overcome these barriers.

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The Role of Early Notification in Effective Attendance Management

Read more about how utilising an Early Notification (EN) system can aid you in Attendance Management. This system could also potentially help save your school thousands of dollars every year.

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Do the Turtle! Strategies for staying in control and effectively responding to emergencies and natural disasters at Early Childhood Centres

Read more about lessons we have learnt from natural disasters in New Zealand, with accounts from some of our preschools and kindergartens. Also learn how to plan for and manage emergencies, keeping your parents up to date, and keeping everybody involved to maintain order and avoid anxiety.

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Kia Kaha! Staying in control and effectively responding to emergencies at school

Read about some of the lessons we learnt from recent events in New Zealand such as the Christchurch and Seddon earthquakes. Also learn about some tools and techniques that you can implement to stay prepared for such unforseen circumstances in your school or early childhood centre.

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